Boob Jobs

Are More Baby Boomers Getting Boob Jobs?

Boob Jobs

Baby boomer boob jobs? Boob JobsIt’s more likely than you think.

Most of us (whether we admit it out loud or not) have some preconceived notions about plastic surgery. It’s easy to envision the typical breast augmentation patient as a bleach-blonde starlet with self-esteem issues and far too many pairs of shoes, but the reality couldn’t be more different. People of all ages and styles get breast implants, and this growing trend of plastic surgery acceptance is showing no signs of stopping. In particular, the baby boomer generation has increased its acceptance of cosmetic enhancements to curves.

Plastic Surgery: All Ages Welcome

You might be a little surprised to see Grandma show up this Thanksgiving with a new look and style—but you’d probably be really surprised to see her show up with bigger boobs. Yet this is the way the world is moving. Older generations are embracing their golden years while simultaneously refusing to let their looks fade away. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2010, the plastic surgery game saw nearly 2,500 breast augmentations for women aged 65 or older. That’s a lot of boobs for women society considers to be “out” of the dating game!

But again, that expectation is another one of those preconceived notions that stick in our minds, regardless of their truth. Baby boomers make up a huge percentage of the dating pool, and like the rest of us, they’re interested in feeling confident in themselves and putting their best foot forward.

So, the next time you walk down the street and see your aging neighbor wearing a low-cut dress with bra-busting breasts spilling out, don’t be surprised. She’s likely one of many.

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