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Are ‘Instagram Face’ Med Spa Treatments Too Rich for You?

RaveBabe - Instagram Face - Dec 2021

RaveBabe - Instagram Face - Dec 2021Instagram models always seem to look flawless. Poreless skin, no sagging, nipped and tucked in all the right spots. And yes, we know that at least half of that is filters and Photoshop. But you can’t reach that level of perfection without a good canvas.

Unlike Hollywood stars, most Instagram models are not rolling in the cash. They’re doing their best to hustle, make deals and often work side jobs to make the dream happen. As such, most of them aren’t achieving their flawless faces through surgery.

What’s their secret? Med spa procedures! While not exactly cheap — at least not from a reputable provider — treatments like BOTOX and injectables are a lot easier on the bank account than plastic surgery. But are they worth working into your budget? And which are the most affordable med spa treatments? Let’s take a look.

Are Med Spa Treatments Worth the Money?

This all depends on who you ask. For some people, making cosmetic changes isn’t a high priority. For others, it is the dream. 

What is the secret to that Instagram-model look? Med spa treatments. And they don’t all break the bank.

However, even someone who prioritizes their appearance still needs to have a realistic idea of what is affordable. Otherwise, they’ll get in over their heads virtually overnight. That’s why it’s important to keep your budget in mind while shopping around for affordable med spa treatments.

Can You Afford Med Spa Treatments?

Fortunately, affordable med spa treatments are out there for those who want to work them into their budget, but it really depends on what procedures you’re looking at and where you live. 

For example, in the United States, affordable treatments would include everything from LED light therapy to micro-needling to chemical peels or lactic acid treatments. However, the most popular affordable med spa treatments are BOTOX and injectable fillers

How much do these treatments cost? This varies between providers and will change depending on the size of the area you are treating. In most cases, BOTOX costs around $300 for small face treatments and injectable fillers cost between $500-$800; affordable med spa treatments are indeed out there. Just skip the sketchy DIY ones.

Financing Med Spa Treatments

If you find that the cost of these treatments is outside your budget, don’t start looking for people who will inject you for the price of a coffee. You are going to end up with terrible results from bootleg products — and you might even end up risking your life.

Many med spas offer financing and payment plans that can break up the cost of treatment into smaller chunks that are easier to afford. If they don’t, you can also search for independent financing options or use your credit card. Remember: safety is more important than sticking to your budget. 

Whether you are looking to model on the Gram or just want to look better at the office, you can make it happen with med spa treatments. Look up providers near you and get started.

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Are ‘Instagram Face’ Med Spa Treatments Too Rich for You?
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Are ‘Instagram Face’ Med Spa Treatments Too Rich for You?
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