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Are Big Breast Implants Worth It If You Have to Sacrifice a Nipple?

Big Breast Implants

Big Breast ImplantsFor most ladies who want bigger boobs, going up a cup size or two is enough. But for self-proclaimed “Sugar Queen,” Nina, her dream is to reach a whopping 2,000ccs. Although she’s already come close at 1,600ccs, Nina has encountered a little hiccup that could keep her from reaching her dream size.

Turns out, somebody forgot to give her the memo that breast augmentation and nipples sort of go hand in hand, and you can’t always have one without affecting the other.

This Sugar Queen’s Got a Decision to Make

Nina has paid for multiple boob jobs by being a professional sugar queen, meaning she takes money from several sugar daddies in exchange for being in a relationship of sorts with them. But after reaching an already humungous size, one nipple has now stretched to twice the size as the other.

The good news is that plastic surgeons say they can fix it, but she’ll need to downsize her implants. And that’s just not a tradeoff she’s willing to make.

“I can’t go smaller, because I wouldn’t be able to boobie twerk,” she says.

Still Thinking about Supersizing the Girls?

PSA: bigger is not always better when it comes to your boob job, ladies!

Boobie twerking aside, if your boob job is messing with your nipples, you might want to reconsider taking breast enhancement to the extreme. Although Nina’s nipple dilemma is only cosmetic (for now), she’s already suffered through some medical complications, including breast infections and nasty scarring.

So before you go all in for ginormous honkers, you might want to check your unrealistic expectations at the door and consider a more natural look.

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Are Big Breast Implants Worth It If You Have to Sacrifice a Nipple?
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Are Big Breast Implants Worth It If You Have to Sacrifice a Nipple?
Breast augmentation and nipples, what do they have to do with each other? Answer: everything! RaveBabe warns of the dangers of supersizing your boobs.
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