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Are Big Boobs as American as Apple Pie?


PassionIt’s summer time. Maybe you’re enjoying the warm weather, an outdoor barbeque, a baseball game, some delicious apple pie and some mighty mammaries. If you’re thinking that one of these things doesn’t quite sound like the others, you may want to take a closer look. As it turns out, big boobs really might be just as American as a ballpark frank on a hot summer day.

What’s with America’s Fascination with Large Breasts?

As an American, it may seem like a no-brainer that guys (and gals!) tend to go ga-ga over well-endowed women. But research shows that Americans could actually be in the minority when it comes to cultures that view large breasts as sexually stimulating. In fact, many cultures don’t see breasts as sexual at all, and even fewer prefer big ones.

So Breast Augmentation Is…Patriotic?

Believe it or not, breast augmentation really might deserve a spot next to the likes of apple pie, baseball and the stars and stripes. The number of American women getting breast implants each year continues to rise, consistently making the procedure one of the most popular of all plastic surgeries.

A Little Love for the Not-So-Big Boobs

Of course, this isn’t to say that all Americans have or want big boobs, and not every breast enhancement procedure has to deliver dramatically large results. If you’re considering breast implants but want to stay on the subtler side, there are plenty of options that can still give you a boost and help you to honor your patriotic duties.

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