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Am I Crazy for Wanting Smaller Breast Implants?

Breast Implants

Breast Implants The short answer is: No, not at all. In fact, you’re a good deal saner than some.

The fact is, breast implants have gotten a woeful rap specifically because some patients (and surgeons) just didn’t know when to say “when,” and apparently, many patients (and surgeons) are absolutely fine with the way-too-obvious-looking results. It’s amazing. After all, would a normal person wear a toupee that attaches with a chin strap? We should hope not!

A Naturally Augmented Appearance

The best breast augmentation results are achieved using implants that no one suspects are implants. In other words, your curves should look entirely natural. Don’t be afraid to insist that your implants are proportional to your frame. You want symmetry, not to carry around your own internal flotation devices. Moreover, the larger the implants are, the more problems they could potentially cause.

The beauty of breast implants is that they’re completely customizable to whatever your dream look may be. Whether that look is a little or a lot different from your current breast size is your business. And hey, if there weren’t a call for small implants, the 80 cc implant just plain wouldn’t exist, so it’s not like you’re nuts for asking in the first place.

You only have one body, so think long and hard before deciding upon the final size of your breast implants. If your surgeon insists upon implants that are larger than what you are comfortable with, switch surgeons, and don’t even give it – or that surgeon—a second thought.

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