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A Tummy Tuck Gives You an Hourglass Shape, Not a Box Shape, Right?

Hourglass timer on table

Hourglass timer on tableIf you’re going to dedicate time and money to a tummy tuck, you wanna come out with a super sexy hourglass shape, right?

To avoid getting a boxy silhouette and make sure your tummy tuck gives you the hourglass figure you want, follow this advice.

  1. Pick a Perfectionist

    Your tummy tuck results can only be as good as your cosmetic surgeon is skilled. So please, do your homework before picking one. Look for someone who’s highly qualified and experienced and who can provide plenty of before and after pictures of his or her previous work.

    Oh, and if you had any thoughts of traveling abroad for your tummy tuck, think again. Medical tourism is a big no-no and will likely land you with complications, and there’s nothing sexy about that.

  2. Add Lipo

    Remember, friend, that abdominoplasty on its own removes flabby skin and tightens underlying muscle tissue. So if you also have some stubborn fat hanging around, you might want to add liposuction into the mix.

    Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about drain-less tummy tuck options that usually combine lipo with your tummy tuck and don’t require post-op drains.

    Drain-free tummy tucks can make recovery a whole lot simpler.

  3. Factor in Your Natural Curves

    A tummy tuck sure can work some magic, but it does have its limitations. The natural shape of your body will play a role in what your final results look like. If you’d like to enhance your natural curves even more, you might want to throw in a boob job and/or Brazilian butt lift and really bring out your hidden hourglass.

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A Tummy Tuck Gives You an Hourglass Shape, Not a Box Shape, Right?
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A Tummy Tuck Gives You an Hourglass Shape, Not a Box Shape, Right?
Will a tummy tuck give me an hourglass figure? See RaveBabe’s answer to this common question and some tips to make sure you get stellar results.
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