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A Tummy Tuck Can Be Just Right after Weight Loss – Even for a Pig

Closeup of an all black pig outside with it's snout near the camera.

Closeup of an all black pig outside with it's snout near the camera.Pigs are smart. Really smart. They can solve problems, play, make friends, display complex emotions and have their own unique little piggie personalities. Sorry, bacon lovers. Pigs are pretty much the best. Which is why it’s extra awful when our snorting little friends are abused by humans.

Georgie, a pig in Michigan, experienced a whole range of porcine emotions after being abused, rescued and deemed a good candidate for plastic surgery. Georgie’s rescuers are crowd funding a tummy tuck to remove sagging skin from her belly. But this little piggie’s not alone in wanting to remove a little excess from her midsection. Tummy tucks can be a great option for pigs and people alike to achieve their goals and feel a little more comfortable in their skin.

Tummy Tucks aren’t Just for Humans Anymore…

Poor Georgie. Her sad story of abuse, neglect and farm animal obesity has been reduced to nothing but a snazzy piece of clickbait. But this piece of viral animal content has a strange, happy ending. You see, Georgie was not well cared for. She was so neglected that she barely knew how to associate with humans, could hardly walk and was so obese that she couldn’t open her eyes. But with the help of rescue workers (who we assume to be staunch vegans) Georgie was able to recover and could ultimately achieve one of the most human things a pig can do: get plastic surgery. Georgie’s tummy tuck to remove sagging skin could make her a legend among other farm animals looking to slim down their midsection. Looking at you Bessie.

But They’re Not Just for Pigs, Either

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not a pig for wanting a tummy tuck, capiche? One weird farm animal in Michigan is not the standard for the ideal tummy tuck candidate. It’s a funny – albeit kind of really sad – story that’s the right kind of thumb-stopping headline to get you interested. If you want a tummy tuck, you are a very normal human with a little bit of loose skin around your midsection that you would be more comfortable without. Georgie knows that feeling, but that’s where the comparison stops.

A tummy tuck could help you look and feel your best by eliminating excess skin around your midsection.

By removing excess skin and a bit of fatty tissue, a tummy tuck can help you look and feel more like yourself after pregnancy, the aging process or significant weight loss.

And They’re Not Your Only Option

Thankfully, humans have more options than pigs do when it comes to plastic surgery. If you’re not happy with your midsection, you don’t have to stick to a tummy tuck. Liposuction can be a great option for contouring your abdomen (and hips and thighs and arms and all sorts of other places) if sagging skin isn’t your main concern. Non-invasive options, like VelaShape™ and UltraShape® can also help you meet your midsection goals using technology that requires little to now downtime.

You don’t have to wait for someone to rescue you like Georgie did. If you’re unhappy with how your belly looks or feels, consider a tummy tuck to remove sagging skin. And lay off the pork chops. Not for weight loss or anything. It’s just that Georgie would be really upset if she heard about that.


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A Tummy Tuck Can Be Just Right after Weight Loss – Even for a Pig
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A Tummy Tuck Can Be Just Right after Weight Loss – Even for a Pig
Thinking about a tummy tuck to remove sagging skin? So is Georgie, a Michigan pig with a loose skin problem. Learn how a tummy tuck could be right for you and her.
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