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A Snoopy Nose What?! When Breast Implants Go Wrong


SnoopySnoopy’s nose: it’s cute on him, but not so cute on your chest. We’ve all got those female relatives and older friends who love to overshare, and sagging breasts are an all-too-frequent topic. But unlike when Aunt Edna talks about rolling them to put on her bra, the Snoopy nose deformity is a breast implant complication, not the result of gravity and the hands of time.

Snoopy Boobies?

Let’s start by getting into exactly what the Snoopy nose deformity is. Essentially, it is a rare complication that can happen after getting implants. The natural breast tissue droops below the implant, creating a shape that is, more or less, the same as dear old Snoopy’s nose. Also called the waterfall deformity, it is a very much unwanted side effect of the procedure.

Yeah, save the cartoon dog noses for the TV, not your body.

Is This the Same as Capsular Contracture?

No, that is a more common complication. With capsular contracture, the breast implant looks tight and distorted. Here, the natural breast tissue moves around the implant and spills over it, filling out the lower portion of the breast. This causes that portion to become heavy and sag, pointing downward like the cartoon dog’s nose.

How the Snoopy Dog Breast Deformity Develops

In most cases, though not all, it comes down to surgeon error – choose your doctor wisely, ladies! Usually, it happens when the implant is placed underneath the muscle and the surgeon positions it higher in the chest than they should. If the patient already has quite a bit of natural breast tissue, this naturally sits over the implant, which is under the pectoral muscle. Over time, it slides down over the implant, then settles into the space below.

Identifying Snoopy Boobies on Your Body

If you’ve had implants and you are noticing some sagging, you might be wondering if you have the dreaded Snoopy boob. Most likely, you don’t; you just should have paired a lift with your augmentation or are experiencing other weird side effects. See, most women who get implants expect the extra volume to fill out their skin and turn their chest perky. However, if you don’t tighten that skin, all you are doing is increase the weight, making them more likely to sag and making that sagging more pronounced.

Still, it can be hard to tell the difference between the Snoopy deformity, regular sagging and other deformities like the double bubble. So, if you are noticing any sagging after getting breast implants, you really should schedule an appointment with your surgeon.

Can the Snoopy Nose Deformity Be Corrected?

Yes, it can. One way is through a breast lift. However, this isn’t enough in all cases. Sometimes, the implant will need to be removed and repositioned. You won’t be able to predict what is the right course of action for your body, though. To find out how your condition can best be corrected, speak with a cosmetic surgeon. There is no reason to go through life with a bad case of the Snoopy boobs.

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