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A Million Reasons to Get Breast Implants? Probably Not

Breast Implants - May2022 - RaveBabe

Breast Implants - May2022 - RaveBabeAmerican media personality Katie Price has undergone 14 breast augmentation procedures in order to find the perfect breasts. Her most recent procedure downsized her breasts from a whopping 1000cc implants down to 795cc. But those 1000cc implants are currently listed for sale for a hefty price tag of $1 million. While you probably can’t sell your old breast implants for $1 million (hey, if you do, that’s cool) but they do need to be replaced eventually. It’s OK to try again, too, if what you picked isn’t working for you. But when is it a good time to have a breast implant revision and how long do breast implants last? Let’s look at some common reasons why you may choose to get a new pair of implants.

When Capsular Contracture Occurs

When breast implants are placed in the body during breast augmentation, the body identifies them as a foreign substance. When detected, the body works to isolate the implants, creating the formation of a capsule of scar tissue to isolate the implant. In most cases, this capsule is a normal part of the healing process and actually helps keep the best implant in place. Unfortunately, in some cases, the body creates excessive scarring that can become unusually hard. When this occurs, the scar tissue begins to contract around the implant. This can result in breasts that are hard to the touch, changes in implant and breast shape, and, in extreme cases, pain.

Implant Ruptures

As implants have changed over the years, the risk for rupture decreases. However, implant ruptures still occur and, when they do, implant removal or revision is essential. Changes that can occur after a rupture depend on which type of implant you have. Saline implants will rupture and leak, with the saline being absorbed by the body. This results in a deflated breast appearance. With silicone implants, a rupture is not as noticeable. The silicone material leaks into neighboring tissue, often causing a tingling or burning sensation but no obvious change in breast appearance. This is why regular breast checkups are necessary to catch potential ruptures.

Wrinkling or Sagging Implants

Wrinkling and sagging of your implants and breasts can occur for various reasons. Wrinkling, or rippling, can occur when bands of scar tissue form in the capsule and tether to the implant, causing a rippled appearance of the breasts. Sagging can occur due to weight changes and natural aging. While sagging can often be treated with a breast lift, many often opt to change their implants at the same time.

Sometimes the Size Just Isn’t Right

Oftentimes, women are not happy with the size implant chosen during breast augmentation. This can mean your implants are not as large as you had hoped or that maybe you are not enjoying the larger breast size you chose. Changing implant sizes is a common cause of breast implant revision.

Implants Do Not Last Forever

Even if you are happy with your current breast implants, they were not made to last forever. On average, now breast implants can last for 10-20 years, however, your risk of rupture increases every year. In addition, implants placed before 2000 were not made to last as long as current implants. While you may not notice any problems with your implants, it is recommended that you have them checked on a regular basis. In fact, the FDA recommends that those with silicone implants receive an MRI screening three years after implant placement and every two years after that.

No matter what your reason, breast implant revisions are common and, even though you may not be able to sell your old implants, a revision can help you achieve the bustline you really want.

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A Million Reasons to Get Breast Implants? Probably Not
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A Million Reasons to Get Breast Implants? Probably Not
Dr. Scot Martin from New Mexico talks about breast augmentation, breast implants, and the reasons you may want to consider breast revision surgery.
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