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A DIY Facelift & Other Things You Shouldn’t Try at Home

DIY Facelift

DIY FaceliftPeople are DIYing everything these days. But a DIY facelift? It’s true. From “face taping” (which is exactly what it sounds like) to a vibrating mouthpiece that promises to make you look younger, there are plenty of DIY facelift methods out there. While these techniques are less costly than having an actual facelift, there’s a catch: they don’t work. Here are some other crazy DIY disasters that you should definitely not try.

The Scalp Stretcher

Just fasten the rubber bands around your ears and affix the “stretcher” to your scalp and this device will pull those pesky wrinkles right out! Or not. Another so-called DIY facelift, the scalp stretcher will probably not do much. Except possibly give you a headache. Pass.

The Smile Trainer

Are people always telling you to smile more? Have you always wished for a handy device that would train your mouth to do it all the time? If so, the smile trainer is for you. This product consists of a mouthpiece that resembles a tooth whitening tray. Insert it for 5 minutes per day, according to manufacturers, and you’ll be rewarded with that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Seems legit.

Nose Slimmer

Perhaps even more bizarre than the DIY facelift, there is the nose slimmer. This product looks more like an implement of torture than a beauty tool. Just clamp it inside your nostrils and relax while it pushes upward on the bones of your nose. Just no.

   Actual rhinoplasty, performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, is the only way to safely change the shape of your nose.

Before you consider a DIY facelift or any other scary at-home facial contouring technique, talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about techniques that actually work.

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