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6 Ways to Take Your Breast Augmentation Results to the Next Level

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Woman in whiteIf you’re considering breast augmentation, you may be unsure of exactly what look you’d like your implants to achieve. While some women are content with only a subtle change, others may be interested in a more comprehensive breast makeover that meets their individual needs. Here are six ways you can take your breast augmentation results to the next level.

  1. Combine Procedures

    One of the most common ways of taking your breast augmentation results a step further is by combining implants with a breast lift. While increasing the size of the breasts can be an excellent figure enhancement, doing so can also encourage the breasts to sag. A breast lift can bring the breasts to a higher position on the torso, accentuating your bust line, creating additional cleavage, tightening the skin and repositioning the nipple as needed.

  2. Consider Larger Implants

    You may be surprised at how many women with breast augmentation choose to change out their implants for a larger size a few years down the road. Rather than regret your implant size, going bigger from the start may be the key to getting the most out of your breast augmentation. Larger breast implants can create more enhanced cleavage and sexier shaped breasts while still maintaining a natural appearance.

  3. Rapid Recovery

    The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is a specialty procedure designed to meet the needs of modern women who can’t always take weeks out of their schedules to accommodate a slow recovery. Using a special technique that minimizes trauma to the breast tissue and chest wall, this breast augmentation procedure allows women to participate in many normal activities within 24 hours, and most can return to work in less than a week after surgery.

  4. No-Touch Breast Augmentation

    The No-Touch breast augmentation involves an innovative approach of inserting the implant using a special sterilized sleeve called the Keller Funnel instead of by hand. By excluding the risk of contamination that comes with touching the implant, the No-Touch technique results in increased sterility, reduced risk of infection, less recovery time, and a smaller scar.

  5. Gummy Bear Implants

    Gummy bear implants, also known as highly cohesive gel implants, teardrop implants, and/or form stable implants, are the newest generation of silicone breast implants designed to deliver the most natural, long-lasting and safest augmentation results. Using a highly cohesive silicone gel, these implants not only effectively mimic the cleavage and shape of a truly natural breast, but also are leak and rupture resistant, making them the superior choice for breast augmentation.

  6. Implant Revision

    If you’d like an update to your breast implants, you may have even more options today than you did when you had your original augmentation. With all of the recent developments in the field of breast implants, you can feel more confident than ever upgrading in size, changing your implant shape or even swapping from saline to silicone to take advantage of new silicone implants and improved augmentation techniques. Breast augmentation is now safer and longer-lasting than ever, making an implant revision all the more appealing.

    Taking your breast augmentation results to the next level is an exciting opportunity to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to enhancing your breasts. Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement can provide you with more information regarding your breast augmentation options.

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