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5 Weird Facts about Breast Implants & Breast Procedures

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Breast ImplantsBreast implants are nothing new and have become so popular that nobody even bats an eyelid at the mention of them anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing slightly odd or unusual about breast implants or other breast procedures. On the contrary, weird and wonderful facts aplenty are available for your entertainment and amusement. Some of them may even come in handy…

  1. Squeezing Can Rupture a Breast Implant

    Yes, really! This doesn’t mean you must ban all future partners from touching your breasts, but your breast implants may be damaged by the steering wheel if you’re in a car accident, for example.

  2. Breast Implants Can Freeze

    This is one of those useless facts you’ll never need though, as you’d freeze long before your breast implants do. As breast implants are inside your body, they’ll only get the chance to freeze when you stop being alive and warm.

  3. Breast Reduction Can Result in Different Sizes

    If ever there was a reason to make sure you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon, this is it. Don’t risk wonky boobs, if not worse, by choosing your plastic surgeon based on price alone.  

    Another of the weird facts about breast procedures is that the naturally smaller breast could end up being the bigger one.

  4. Your Boobs Might Go Numb

    It’s incredibly rare, but you might experience lasting numbness after breast implants. Again, here’s an excellent reason to stick to board-certified plastic surgeons.

  5. Breast Implants Can Glow in the Dark

    Believe it or not, this one is true. Shining a cellphone light on them can cause a visible glow from both saline and silicone breast implants, with silicone tending to shine brighter. Add that to the facts you’ll probably never use.

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