5 Questions Your Boobies Need You to Ask a Cosmetic Surgeon ASAP

Woman in orange plunging spaghetti strap top.

Woman in orange plunging spaghetti strap top.So, you are thinking about giving your boobies a boost. Good for you, girl! But before you do, your boobies have a few questions you really need to ask your cosmetic surgeon.

From making sure the doc knows what’s up when it comes to implants to knowing how wild recovery will be, these are the breast augmentation FAQs you need to ask.

  1. So, Doc, Do You Know What You Are Doing?

    Finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon is step one for any surgery. But here’s the thing: qualified doesn’t mean experienced. Breast augmentation is a nuanced procedure that requires knowledge of everything from how implants complement different figures to how they settle over the course of several months.

    If you come across a surgeon who has done hundreds of liposuction procedures but only a handful of breast augmentations, you should keep looking. The girls will thank you for it.

  2. What Is the Surgery Like?

    I promise, ladies: nothing beats an experienced surgeon.

    Knowledge is power, ladies—even if the nitty-gritty details can be a little overwhelming. Listen, this is surgery, like any other. Cosmetic means pretty results, not process.

    In general, the day of the surgery, your doctor will use a surgical marker to outline how the implants will change your body. This will be done while you are still standing. Then, you will be given anesthesia. Expect to wake up feeling a little loopy. But hey, small price to pay for having no memory of the procedure.

    From there, the doctor will make the incision you decided upon together and then insert the implant (no bringing your own, please). With the implant in place, the incisions will be closed and you will be transferred to recovery for monitoring. Once ready, you will transfer to your own room, and as soon as you are given the all-clear, you can go home.

  3. How Much of a Beast Is Recovery?

    Recovering from any surgery isn’t a day at the spa. Any good doctor will make that clear. At the same time, they shouldn’t make it sound scary or overwhelming, because it shouldn’t be.

    For the first two days, you’ll need someone around to help out. There are special garments you will need to wear, and the doctor will give you instructions on how to care for your breasts. You will be prescribed medications that you need to take according to the schedule your doctor gives you.

    Expect soreness and swelling, and even the occasional sharp pains or burning sensations. All this is normal. Just take it easy and know that breast augmentation recovery passes quickly, while your new look is for the long-term.

  4. Will I Need to Miss a Lot of Work?

    Your surgeon’s answer will vary based on how the implants are placed (below the muscle means a longer recovery) and what kind of work you do. If you work a desk job, a week should be fine, while if you do a lot of heavy lifting, you may need to take several weeks off, especially for under-the-muscle implants. Trust your doctor’s guidance on the matter.

  5. When Will I Get to Enjoy My New Boobs?

    You will notice a difference right away, but if your doctor doesn’t warn you that things get a little weird for a while, find someone else. While implants settle, they can look odd, from overly hard to square in shape. Give it at least six weeks before you judge them and up to six months before you evaluate the final results.

    Of course, you may have more questions than this, and that is perfectly fine. Schedule an in-person or virtual consult today to ask all your breast augmentation questions.

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5 Questions Your Boobies Need You to Ask a Cosmetic Surgeon ASAP
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