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5 Clues Your Med Spa Treatment Is NOT Going to Go Well

Clues To Your Med Spa Treatment Quality

Clues To Your Med Spa Treatment QualityIt’s a scene from a horror movie. You’re having your relaxing day at the med spa. You’ve gotten your little facial, everything is prepped and now the treatment begins. You’re in your head, picturing how incredible you are going to look once the procedure is done and everything is healed. Then, you start to get this nagging feeling that something is…off.

Maybe there is pain where there shouldn’t be or the placement feels wrong or the technician just sucked in a breath of air that clearly communicates, “Dang, I just messed up this girl’s face.” Whatever it is, you know that you med spa treatment just went off the rails – and took your face along for the ride.

Yeah, that’s a situation you want to avoid. The problem is that many of us are absolutely the girl who goes to check out the sounds in the basement. We see the red flags, we hear the warning bells. And we just ignore them.

So, let’s change that and not be the girl in the horror movie snuffed out in the casement. To position you for coming out of this flick alive, here are five clues your med spa isn’t right for you.

#1: Their Selling Strategy Is Making You Feel Like Crap

Skip the horror show by skipping out on sketchy med spas.

The whole point of med spa treatments is to look better, and as a result, feel better about yourself. But some places focus less on the empowerment aspect and more on making you feel like crap about yourself. Because, hey, the more you hate about yourself, the more things you’ll pay them to fix, right? Yep, that’s a red flag.

#2: They Upsell Hard

We get it: upselling is part of the job. But having productions mentioned or suggested in one thing. Being pushed into purchasing them or other treatments is another – and it isn’t OK. If you find that the staff at your med spa is going in hard on the upsells, walk away.

#3: They Don’t Open Your Products in Front of You

This can indicate something VERY sketchy is going on. Your products should be new, in authentic packaging and shown to you before being opened right before your eyes. If your med spa is “opening” products in the back room, it could indicate they’ve already been used on someone else or that they are knock-offs purchased off the black market. And we don’t know which possibility is worse.

#4: You Never See the Doctor

OK, some med spas don’t have a doctor, but they do have a lead technician. Whatever the case is with yours, you need to see the person in charge, even if they don’t administer the treatment. If you never see the big name behind the spa, they might as well not exist and the risk of things getting botched is high.

#5: Things Feel Rushed

Med spa procedures don’t quite carry the same level of risk as surgeries, but this is still your face we are talking about. You don’t want the person working on it to be rushed. If there are too many people in the waiting area and too much chaos in general, get out.

So, what should you look for in a med spa? Find one that makes you feel comfortable, is clear professional and is transparent with their products. Look at reviews and use your best judgment when booking procedures.


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5 Clues Your Med Spa Treatment Is NOT Going to Go Well
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5 Clues Your Med Spa Treatment Is NOT Going to Go Well
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