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4 Tricks to Keep Your New Boobs from Looking Like Baseballs

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New Boobs No one wants her breasts to feel or look like sports equipment. Unfortunately, so many boob jobs end up looking like baseballs strapped to an unassuming chest that the general public has drawn the incorrect conclusion that all breast augmentations must produce these results. Turns out, not so much. Here are four ways you can ensure excellent, natural-looking breast implant results.

Choose the Right Surgeon

Don’t be afraid to consult with multiple surgeons before committing. Even if you’re in the office of the most skilled plastic surgeon in the world, if he or she doesn’t take your feelings seriously, or if you just don’t feel comfortable, keep looking.

Choose the Right Breast Size

The main purpose of breast augmentation is to give the patient a breast size that is proportional to her frame, not to make her breasts the size of balance ball chairs. Also, ask your surgeon about breast shape options. In addition to size, the shape and profile of your breast implants both impact your final look.

Choose Silicone

If you’re looking for natural look and realistic feel, silicone breast implants are the way to go. Because the materials closely mimic the look and feel of actual living tissue, silicone implants can be virtually undetectable when the procedure is performed by an excellent surgeon.

Conscientious Post-Op

Be diligent about your post operative care. Obviously, you have to be careful immediately after surgery in order to heal properly and quickly, but don’t slack off. Post-op massage can help, as can working with a surgeon who uses the Keller funnel to prevent capsular contracture, the unnatural hardening of scar tissue around your new breast implants.

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