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4 Tips for Smoothing Out Concerns Over Implant Wrinkles

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Woman in bikiniThough occurring in a minority of patients, wrinkling and visible ripples can be a concern for patients choosing saline implants. Saline breast implants are the most likely to display wrinkles because of their flexible shell and lighter density filling, yet there are four tips that may help minimize the potential for a rippled appearance after breast augmentation.

  1. Overfill Implants

    Saline implants are designed with recommended fill ranges that give surgeons some flexibility to help minimize asymmetry between breasts. To minimize rippling with saline implants, some surgeons moderately overfill implants to make them firmer. Just like a water balloon gets more taut as liquid is added, the outer shell of a saline implant smoothes out as internal volume increases.

  2. Choose the Right Implant

    Your ratio of natural breast tissue to implant size will affect the likelihood of rippling, particularly with saline implants. However, women with larger natural breasts have more breast tissue available for coverage, which limits implant visibility. For this reason, women who have B cups or larger are the best candidates for seeing positive results with saline, while smaller-breasted women may prefer silicone instead.

  3. Choose Submuscular Placement

    Choosing submuscular placement for your saline implants will also decrease the likelihood of visible ripples because the muscle that covers the implant will add another layer of tissue coverage. Ask your surgeon about the best placement for your implants and how implant position can affect your final results.

  4. Opt for Silicone

    Ultimately, if rippling is a huge concern, you may want to select silicone implants for their firmer, more cohesive texture. These factors make silicone implants less likely to display wrinkles, making them a natural-looking and feeling alternative to saline implants in women with little natural breast tissue.

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