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4 Times When Crunches Just Won’t Cut It

Loose Skin after Pregnancy

You didn’t skip leg day. You tossed out all the gelato.Loose Skin after Pregnancy You’ve put in the work, but you’re standing in front of the mirror and your frown is slowly turning into a scowl. “Where’s my six-pack already!?” There are four scenarios that may be getting you and your abs down:

  1. Loose Skin after Pregnancy

    While your bouncing bundle of joy may be adorable, that’s probably more than you can say about that sagging paunch your baby left behind. Hit the gym all you want, but that baggy skin isn’t going anywhere without a little body contouring to the rescue.

  2. Drastic Weight Loss

    It’s time for your before-and-after shots, but you may have reservations about taking off your shirt after dropping massive pounds. It’s a shame that your skin didn’t get the memo and seems to be hanging around where it’s not welcome.

  3. Age-Related Skin Excess

    Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Collagen and elastin erode naturally over time and can leave you with excess or sagging skin that’s seemingly impossible to get rid of.

  4. Diastasis Recti

    Abdominal separation can occur during pregnancy or weight fluctuations and fail to kindly heal up afterward. If you can fit two fingers in the space between the two sides of your abs during a sit-up, then you probably have a case of abdominal separation that crunches may only worsen.

When any of the above conditions have you pulling your hair out, the tummy tuck is there to alleviate your sorrows. Whether it’s a result of weight loss, pregnancy or age, a tummy tuck can help with muscle repair and tighten excess skin so you can feel confident showing off that midriff.

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