4 Sketchy Things Your Skin May Do after Microneedling

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Microneedling can be an amazing way to boost your skin and your self-confidence. No more letting pesky acne scars, slightly saggy skin or premature aging get you down – a quick visit or two to your reputable med spa aesthetician could have you looking fab again by spurring on your collagen production. Of course, this involves your skin making some adjustments, so you may notice a few minor side effects. Don’t panic, it’s all entirely normal.

  1. Redness

    If your face turns a fetching shade of red after microneedling, don’t immediately curse the day you made the decision to have the treatment. Your skin’s just reacting to being poked and prodded and will normally be back to its usual tone within 24 hours or so.

    While some side effects are to be expected, don’t hesitate to contact your aesthetician if you’re concerned about any of them.

  2. Roughness

    Skin like sandpaper isn’t quite what you’d hoped for when you chose microneedling, but now you’ve found your face is rough to the touch. A little roughness, swelling or bruising may occur soon after the procedure but, fear not, these are temporary side effects of your SkinPen session and will soon calm down.

  3. Spots

    Ironically enough, one of the side effects of a treatment aimed at reducing acne scarring is, indeed, spots. As you’ve probably guessed though, this will pass and you’ll be looking stunning in no time. Don’t pick! Also, don’t be tempted to DIY the microneedling.

  4. Bleeding

    Those tiny red dots, are they blood? Probably – you have just had needles used on your face, after all. All side effects are short-lived, so keep your eyes on the prize!

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4 Sketchy Things Your Skin May Do after Microneedling
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4 Sketchy Things Your Skin May Do after Microneedling
Researching the side effects of microneedling? Beauty expert Ravebabe lists 4 sketchy yet harmless things your skin may decide to do after the procedure.
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