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4 Signs It’s Time to Make Some Ch-Ch-Changes to Your Breast Implants

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Breast ImplantsIn a world where chaos is the organizing principle, change is the only constant. This adage is true for things both great and small, and that includes your breast implants. In case you need a little help determining when time’s up on your current set of tatas, we’ve got a few clues for you.

  1. You’re Not a Showgirl Anymore

    You’ve traded in the stripper pole for a quiet life in the burbs, and your DDs just don’t match your vibe anymore. A lot of women get their first set of implants in their early 20s and want a big pair of breasts. Although these buxom beauties may bring many years of happiness, some women find that their tastes change as they age. If you find yourself in the latter camp, it’s time to trade in your DDs for a more modest size that better suits you.

  2. Things Are Looking a Little Crooked

    Symmetry makes the world go round. If your breasts aren’t in balance with one another, it’s a sign that something’s amiss. Asymmetrical breasts may mean that an implant has become displaced or could indicate a different issue. When your breast implants look more like distant cousins than twins, head to the plastic surgeon to talk shop.

  3. Solid As a Rock

    Breasts that feel hard could have developed capsular contracture. The implants themselves aren’t changing, but the scar tissue around them is. In cases where capsular contracture is more pronounced, the breasts can change shape or position. Surgery is necessary to address the issue.

  4. A Slow Leak

    When saline implants develop a leak, they deflate over the course of several days. It’s a change that will be visible to you. Your plastic surgeon can switch out your breast implants for a brand new pair.

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