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4 Scary Plastic Surgeries to Skip This Halloween

Scary Plastic Surgeries

Plastic SurgeriesSome plastic surgery procedures, like body contouring and breast augmentation, can be a great way to boost your confidence and improve your appearance. Others, however, are just plain scary. Here are 4 fantastically frightening plastic surgeries you should definitely plan to skip this Halloween.

  1. Ear Pointing

    Ear pointing sits high on the list of plastic surgery procedures you should just say no to. How it’s done: a small triangular portion of your ear is cut out, and the two edges are stitched together to form a point. Among many others, one really good reason to never have this done is that this so-called “elf ear” surgery is typically performed by a body piercer or tattoo artist rather than a qualified surgeon. Yikes.

  2. Knee Lift

    The knee lift involves snipping your saggy knee skin, then stitching it back together to… give you those vibrant young knees you’ve always wanted? (Is that a thing?) Pretty expensive and invasive for knee appearance, something that can’t honestly live high on anyone’s appearance priority list.

  3. Micropigmentation (A.K.A. Permanent Makeup)

    Micropigmentation means getting “makeup” tattooed on your face, never to be removed. What could go wrong? Aside from potential risks and side effects, you’re committing to one makeup look for the rest of your life. Would you be happy 20 years later with the same eyeliner trend you wore so proudly in high school?

  4. Toe Tuck

    This term is used for a number of procedures meant to streamline toes in order to make the foot more slender, usually for the purpose of fitting into ridiculously narrow shoes that human beings definitely shouldn’t be wearing anyway. Sometimes, this could mean sucking a little fat out of a toe or two. Or it could mean taking out your toe bone. Ladies, no shoes are that cute.

Listen, if you want to enhance your appearance, there’s no reason to go rogue. There are plenty of non-scary plastic surgery procedures that can help you look fabulous on Halloween, and all the other days of the year.

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