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4 Reasons A-Listers Are Trading in Their DDs

A-Listers Are Trading

A-Listers Are Trading When it comes to breast implants, it seems that celebrities aren’t embracing enormous breast implants the way they used to. Why are starlets trending towards smaller cup sizes and away from giant grapefruits? Here are four reasons you won’t be seeing too many major ta-tas on the red carpet.

  1. Smaller Implants Are Just More Appropriate

    Cosmetic surgeons are finally stressing harmony over large-breast fetishism. Not every frame is suited to huge breast implants, and most patients would rather have an overall curvy and symmetrical figure rather than obviously fake boobs.

  2. People Are Becoming Increasingly Fit

    Celebrities are under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep their bodies tight and toned. Having cumbersomely large implants just doesn’t mesh with CrossFit, yoga or any other vigorous physical activity.

  3. Big Implants Make You Look—Well—Fat

    There’s a reason cosmetic surgeons are so concerned about proportions: when the proportions are skewed, it can throw off your whole aesthetic in a bad way. You might be fairly slender and fit, but having supersized breast implants can give the impression that your body is heavy all over.

  4. Huge Boobs Are Just So Early 1990s

    The 90s had a definite look—the “Rachel” hairdo, the high bikini bottoms, Baywatch—and it’s one that most of us are happy to avoid. Big, round melons just look dated, and stubbornly maintaining a style that everyone else has long abandoned is a surefire way to make you look old.

Try not to think in terms of getting the biggest breasts you can for your breast augmentation. Consider your own body type and lifestyle first, and you’re far more likely to achieve final results that not only look great, but will continue to look great no matter how fashions evolve.

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