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4 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Boobs

Fun Facts

Fun FactsWhether or not you have them, if you’re breathing then you probably know a thing or two about boobs. Here are 5 boob facts you might not know, but will be sure to liven up the conversation at your next cocktail party.

  1. Boobs Change Size Every Month

    You’ve always known your boobs have a mind of their own, and this proves it! Depending on what time of the month it is, your boobs grow and shrink. Protip: Your breast size 5 to 7 days after your period will give you the most accurate picture of your personal ideal size.

  2. Most Women Have a Bigger Left Boob

    Few women have naturally perfectly symmetrical breasts, so having slightly larger left boob is totally normal. Of course, who cares when we have modern cosmetic surgery and breast implants to even things out?

  3. There’s a Whole Lot of Breast Implants Out There

    Speaking of breast implants, did you know that all the implants created since 1997 would fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

        The 5 million women in the United States that have breast implants as of 2010 must be on to something!

  4. Smoking Causes Your Boobs to Sag

    Smoking cigarettes has been proven to destroy collagen and elastin, important components of your skin that give it its fresh, youthful appearance. Smoking is one habit that practically guarantees you’ll need cosmetic surgery to perk your boobs back up.

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