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4 Crazy Boob Job Stories that Will Astonish You

Boob Job Stage

Crazy Boob JobThe boob job, or breast augmentation, is meant to help you feel and look better—normally. But here are a few boob job stories are a tad off the hook, motivation-wise.

P.S., One of these began as satire and then became truth. Bonus points for guessing which one!

  1. Boob vs. Snake

    Well, Israeli star Orit Fox inadvertently killed a snake with her implants. While Orit handled the creature, it got nervy and bit into the silicone. Ladies, please don’t combine your breast implants with close encounters of the snaky kind.

  2. Boob Job for the Heart

    Actions speak louder than words, so what does this say? After 26 year-old Sandi Canesco’s husband died, she decided to have his remains sewn into her implants, saying it will keep her husband close to her heart. The only possible word for this is “ew.”

  3. Raffle Me This

    You just gotta love a politician. Gustavo Rojas, a candidate for Venezuela’s National Assembly, offered breast implants in a raffle to raise money for his campaign, where they are expensive and hard to get. He certainly seems to have an understanding of the constituency.

  4. A Smashing Boob Job

    Busty Heart found her claim to fame. Her talent is smashing things, with her JJ boobs. Her gargantuan-sized knockers crush six-packs of soda and melons, and she performs a type of karate with them. Each of her own melons weighs around 20 pounds. Yikes, don’t cross her on a bad day.

These instances are more than just a little bit unusual. But these twisted tales shouldn’t keep you from considering breast augmentation. Perfectly normal, flattering results are possible, we promise.

(And surely you guessed which is the hoax: Boob vs Snake. Apparently reported first in a satirical e-zine and later picked up by the mainstream. Gotta love media—social and otherwise!)

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