Boobie Reduction

4 Breast Reduction Tips from One Gal to Another

Breast Reduction Tips

Breast Reduction TipsIf your boobs are so big that they need their own zip code, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of a breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty. Womanly curves can be a wonderful asset, but it’s no fun when your breasts take up more space than you’d like or get in the way of a life well lived. If you’re one more catcall away from going under the knife, I’ve got some breast reduction surgery tips for you.

  1. Be Prepared to Feel Amazing

    You’ve been lugging those jugs around for so long and dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment that they cause, so you’ll probably be shocked at how good you feel after breast reduction. Expect your confidence to get a well-deserved boost and your back pain to go bye-bye.

  2. Hold Off on Bra Shopping

    Of course you want to stock up on some new, sexy bras. But after breast reduction, it can take several weeks for the swelling to go down. It will likely be a month after your procedure before your new bust size reveals itself and you can shop for some new bras.

  3. Your Breasts Won’t Look Perfect Right Away

     Although breast reduction offers immediate relief, you won’t see your final results for a few months.

    The breasts may appear a little boxy at first, but they’ll assume a more natural shape as the tissue relaxes during the healing process.

  4. Plan to Live in a Surgical Bra

    A surgical bra provides you with the utmost support as you heal, and will help keep you comfortable. You’ll want wear your surgical bra around the clock after your breast reduction surgery, followed by a sports bra. This plan really is for the best since you should wait about four months before rocking an underwire bra.

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