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4 Breast Augmentation Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make


4 Breast Augmentation Mistakes You Can’t Afford to MakeBreast augmentation can be a fantastic way of getting those boobs you’ve always wanted but weren’t naturally blessed with. We all know that big boobs are not the key to happiness (although they may well help you along the way) and there’s been plenty of media coverage of the various terrible celebrity mistakes that have been made over the years. Whatever you do, make sure none of these breast augmentation mistakes happen to you.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Size

    Size does matter, but bigger is not always better. Be realistic about what is likely to suit you. If you’re naturally tiny, those JJ breast implants are probably going to cause a lot of back and neck pain and are unlikely to look good.

  2. Not Making Sure You’re Suitable

    Not everyone is a candidate for breast augmentation, so you should make sure the procedure is right for you before proceeding. Always use a reputable plastic surgeon so you can get the best advice about what cosmetic procedures are suitable for you and can avoid the pitfalls of a botched surgery.

    Never choose a plastic surgeon based on price alone.

  3. Not Following Recovery Advice

    Okay, so it’s not pretty, but that surgical bra is provided for a reason – it holds everything in place and helps to make sure your new boobs heal well and look stunning. Eyes on the prize! On a similar note, don’t forget to get remeasured and buy some bras that fit your new boobs properly.

  4. Choosing a Dubious Surgeon

    Perhaps the most important, avoiding this breast augmentation mistake will mean you automatically remove the risk of most of the others. A board-certified plastic surgeon with breast augmentation experience will give you expert advice on what size and type of implants will suit you, how to care for your boobs while recovering and, of course, provide a safe and clean environment for the procedure.

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