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3 Weird Things That Just Might Happen after Breast Augmentation

woman covering breasts

woman covering breastsLet’s be real. Recovery after having a boob job isn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it can be a whole lot of SpongeBob SquareBoob and other strange happenings, so you might have a hard time discerning what’s normal after breast augmentation and what’s not. Luckily, these common but weird side effects are totally normal and temporary.

1. SpongeBob SquareBoob

If you take a look in the mirror after getting breast implants and, to your dismay, see two hardened, high-riding squares in place of boobs, don’t panic. This phenomenon, affectionately dubbed SpongeBob SquareBoob, is completely normal during your recovery.

It happens when swelling, mixed with tight chest muscles, temporarily push your implants upward. Give it a few weeks, and you should notice them starting to settle into a rounder, softer position.

2. Torpedo Nipples

Your nipples might look like they’re shooting out of your chest in two different directions, but don’t worry, this isn’t anything to worry about right now. That boxy, awkward shape mentioned above can make it look like your nipples are uneven, but chances are good that your cosmetic surgeon didn’t make a mistake with your breast augmentation. Your body just needs some more good old-fashioned R&R.

It can take six months or more for your final boob job results to make their debut.

3. Boobie Blues

Feeling a little down in the dumps about the whole thing? Not to worry. Having a bit of the boobie blues is normal and lots of women go through it. Just remind yourself of why you wanted implants in the first place, and keep imagining that rockin’ beach bod you’re about to have come summer.


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