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3 Ways You Should NOT Keep Up with the Kardashians

Kardashians Plastic Surgery - Feb 2022

Kardashians Plastic Surgery - Feb 2022While many of us turn to the stars for our plastic surgery inspirations, not all the trends they inspire are truly the best options and, of course, 2022 is no different. For example, while Kim Kardashian has sparked a huge increase in the demand for a bigger booty, the surgical choice isn’t always the safest option. And, in many cases, the cosmetic procedures these stars receive can lead to even more problems down the road. Do you really want to keep up with the Kardashians if it means you might look worse as you age? I didn’t think so! Here are some celeb-inspired plastic surgery trends for 2022 to just say no to!

Say No to Buccal Fat Removal

Chrissy Teigen recently sported her new look after a buccal fat removal procedure. But what is that? The buccal fat pad is a pad of fat that sits at your lower cheek area. If the pad is large, it can lead to fullness in the lower face and a round appearance. Removing the buccal fat pad can help reduce this round appearance and give you a slimmer jawline and less puffy cheeks. However, it comes with a price! As you age, you naturally lose volume in the buccal fat pad. Removing part of the pad can increase the signs of aging and give you a cadaver appearance as you get older.

Other facial options that can give you a similar change in appearance can include facial liposuction or BOTOX injections into the masseter muscles of the face. These procedures are less invasive and can achieve similar results without the negative aging side effects. In addition, you can get the same sculpted jawline and cheeks with some new makeup techniques. 

Take It Easy with the Fillers

Dermal fillers are great for adding lost volume to your face and lips that can occur with age. However, more is not always better. Too many fillers can make your face, jawline, and lips look unnatural and make it obvious to the world you had work done! A skilled cosmetic surgeon can give you the look you want without making you look like a swollen mess that got stung by a bee.

Do You Really Need a Bigger Booty?

Despite denying any butt lift procedure, Kim Kardashian’s booty has sent many people to their local plastic surgeon looking for a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure involves the removal of fat through liposuction that is then transferred into areas of the buttocks to increase volume. However, this procedure has the highest mortality rate of any cosmetic surgery. Your booty is filled with many blood vessels, and some are quite large. When fat is injected into the booty with the lipo cannula, the risk of transferring fat into these blood vessels is high. Once fat gets into a vessel, it can travel to the heart or lungs and block blood flow, resulting in death. For a Brazilian butt lift, you really must look for a qualified surgeon with experience in the procedure or choose an alternative method to boost your booty.

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3 Ways You Should NOT Keep Up with the Kardashians
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3 Ways You Should NOT Keep Up with the Kardashians
Dr. Reo Pugao from Martin Plastic Surgery in New Mexico discusses some plastic surgery trends in 2022 that are better avoided and offers some safer and more natural alternatives.
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