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3 Ways to Avoid “Scary” Cosmetic Surgery Results this Halloween

Woman in White

Woman in WhiteDespite the media being saturated these days with horror stories of “plastic surgery gone wrong,” the truth is that, when performed well, cosmetic surgery can subtly and naturally improve your appearance. Rather than looking like a bad Halloween mask, here are a few ways you can see the best possible results after your procedure.

  1. Choose the Right Surgeon

    Trusting your treatment to the hands of the right cosmetic surgeon is undoubtedly the most important decision you’ll make before having cosmetic surgery. Doing your homework to verify the experience, education and credentials of your surgeon is the best way to get great results and ensure your safety. Ask questions to determine if your surgeon has significant experience performing the type of procedure you want and ask to see plenty of before and after pictures of former patients to gauge the kind of results your prospective surgeon is capable of delivering.

  2. Have Realistic Expectations

    Going into your surgery expecting improvement is a much healthier attitude rather than demanding total perfection. When patients request a change from their surgeon that’s too drastic, they often end up with extreme results that look far from flattering.

  3. Adopt a “Less Is More” Philosophy

    When it comes to cosmetic surgery, a subtle improvement can often deliver the most beautiful results, while going too far can leave you looking fake or overdone. Avoid jumping on the bandwagon of the latest crazy cosmetic trends like overly plumped lips or too-tight facelifts and instead focus on which procedures and treatment will help bring out the best in your face and body.

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