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3 Very Strange Facts about Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

laser tattoo removalBack in the day, there was really no turning back when you got a tattoo. Now, very fortunately for some, laser tattoo removal can give you a get out of jail free card if you’re ready to part with your ink. But before jumping right into your first session, read up on these three odd facts about how laser tattoo removal works.

  1. Your Kidneys Do the Heavy Lifting

    You might think that the laser energy somehow completely obliterates your tattoo and makes it magically disappear. But that’s the watered-down, fairytale version. In reality, the laser simply breaks up the pigment into teeny tiny particles that can travel through your bloodstream and into your kidneys, where it’s processed and peed out. Cute, huh?

    As weird as it sounds, though, letting your kidneys help you out is still way better than DIYing your tattoo removal and totally botching your skin.

  2. Tattoos Close to Your Heart Fade Faster

    Both old and new tattoos can respond to laser tattoo removal. It’s just that fresh ink might take longer to get rid of.

    And no, I’m not talking sentimentally. Tattoos that are placed physically closest to your heart on your body, like on your chest or back, will generally fade faster than tats on your hands or feet. That’s because blood circulation is the strongest the closer you get to your heart.

  3. Size Doesn’t Matter

    At least as far as laser tattoo removal is concerned, wink wink. Really, though, the size of your tattoo won’t determine how quickly it might respond to laser treatment. Instead, its color, saturation and location are the factors that your laser technician will consider when estimating how many sessions your tattoo removal might take.

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3 Very Strange Facts about Laser Tattoo Removal
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