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3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Myths You Should Ignore

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal RejuvenationBack in the day, plastic surgery was sort of a taboo subject and nobody really talked about having work done. Today, it’s so mainstream that people are crowdfunding their plastic surgery. Despite this accepting new attitude, there are some vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty myths that persist. Let’s put three of them to rest right now.

  1. It Perpetuates Unrealistic Beauty Standards

    Are you letting down the sisterhood by having labiaplasty? Hardly. Some people will tell you that women only have vaginal rejuvenation in an attempt to live up to impossible beauty standards imposed by men. Those people are wrong. Don’t listen to them. Labiaplasty is all about the woman who chooses to have it. For herself, and nobody else. Take that, patriarchy.

    Women are perfectly capable of deciding how they’d like their own bodies to look.

  2. It’s Totally Vain to Want to Change Things Down There

    First, let’s all agree that it’s absolutely fine to want your lady parts to look more lovely and it’s nobody’s business why! Of course, the reasons behind vaginal rejuvenation are not always purely cosmetic. These procedures can help with functional issues. Like when you can’t wear yoga pants without feeling pinched and uncomfortable. Labiaplasty fixes that. Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, like ThermiVa™, can help relieve incontinence.

  3. Women Only Have Vaginal Rejuvenation to Please Men

    There’s a nasty little labiaplasty myth out there claiming that doing things like tightening up your vagina would only benefit your sexual partner anyway, and that there’s really nothing in it for you. Um, news flash. Women enjoy sex, too. Vaginal rejuvenation can help with dryness, increase tightness and provide better access to the clitoris. Anyone who doesn’t think those things will help a woman get more out of intercourse is probably not someone you should be taking any kind of sex-related advice from.

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