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3 Truths about Breast Augmentation with a Lift & Your Nipples

Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationWomen who are thinking about getting breast augmentation with a lift often have questions about how the procedure might affect their nipples. What many women don’t know, though, is that adding a breast lift could offer a number of benefits when it comes to the size, shape and symmetry of their nipples.

Still have questions? Read through these three facts to help you decide if a combination breast enhancement procedure could be right for you.

  1. The Shape of Your Areolas Can Be Changed

    The areola is the darker colored area of skin that traces a circle around your nipples. For some women, large or asymmetrical areolas are a cosmetic concern that they’d like to address during their breast enhancement procedure. During a breast lift, the shape of your areolas can be changed to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape and size.

  2. Retracted Nipples Can Be Addressed

    Correcting retracted nipples might affect nipple sensitivity or breastfeeding.

    Retracted or inverted nipples are another common cosmetic issue for some women. If this is a concern for you, let your plastic surgeon know during your consultation, as it can be included with your breast augmentation and lift combination, or can be scheduled as a separate procedure.

  3. Your Nipples Can Stay Just As They Are

    If you have no qualms with the size, shape or symmetry of your nipples, they don’t have to be affected by breast enhancement. Take a look at some before and after breast implant photos from your plastic surgeon and notice how the nipples like in each picture. Unless you have a specific concern, your nipples can look the same as always after breast enhancement.

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3 Truths about Breast Augmentation with a Lift & Your Nipples
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3 Truths about Breast Augmentation with a Lift & Your Nipples
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