Nose Job

3 Tips to Stay Calm & Adjust to Your Nose Job

Nose Job

RhinoplastyIf all the excitement and giddiness that you felt before your nose job has suddenly turned into anxiety and regret, hold your horses. Take a second to recollect yourself, and keep these three need-to-know nose job tips in mind to help you adjust to your new look.

  1. Know That Nose Job Results Aren’t Instantaneous

    So your nose job is finished and you take a look in the mirror and see bruising and swelling instead of your picture-perfect nose. Take a deep breath. Rhinoplasty is still a surgical procedure, so your lovely results aren’t going to appear overnight.

  2. It’s Okay If Your Friends Don’t Make a Fuss

    You might be surprised to find that your friends and family don’t immediately notice that something is different about your appearance. That doesn’t mean that your nose job was a complete bust, but rather that others don’t perceive you in the same way that you look at yourself.

    So while you might think that you look drastically different with your new nose, other people might just pick up on your newfound self-confidence or rejuvenated appearance.

  3. Be Realistic

    Give your nose some time to heal and deflate before judging your results.

    Ultimately, the goal of a nose job is to highlight and enhance your natural features, not to make you look like someone else. So it’s A-okay if your friends still think you look like yourself. As a matter of fact, that’s a surefire sign of a great nose job.

    At the end of the day, no nose is perfect, so it’s important to understand that yours is always going to be beautifully unique to you, and that’s just fine.

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3 Tips to Stay Calm & Adjust to Your Nose Job
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3 Tips to Stay Calm & Adjust to Your Nose Job
Ravebabe lets you in on a little nose job need-to-know to help you prepare for the first few days after your rhinoplasty and get the most out of your procedure.
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