Boob Jobs

3 Tips for Turning Your Boob Job Up to 11

Boob Job

Boob Job Elective cosmetic surgery can definitely feel intimidating. After all, the goal is to look better than ever, and that means the bar is set pretty darn high. If you’re considering amping up your boobage and want excellent results, here are three tips you absolutely must follow.

  1. Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Just because your trashy cousin paid about the same amount for breast implants as your total cable bill last year doesn’t mean she got a good deal. Don’t try to save time or pinch pennies on your breast augmentation; do your homework and find the very best board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, visit more than one medical center, or frankly discuss the results you want. If you feel bullied or overwhelmed by a surgeon during the consultation, keep looking.

  2. Choose Proportional Implants

    Unless you want to look as though you’re housing a pair of Galapagos tortoises under your shirt, select a breast implant size that suits your frame. Try the “rice test” by filling a nylon stocking with rice, tying it shut, and placing your stuffer inside your bra cups. The rice will form to your frame, and give you a great idea of the ideal size for you. Every quarter-cup of rice equals about 59cc.

  3. Choose Silicone over Saline

    It’s kind of a no-brainer that you should choose better breast implants for better breast augmentation results. Silicone breast implants are the most popular choice by far, because they look and feel more like natural breast tissue.

Due diligence is the key to beautiful breast implants. Make sure your expectations are realistic, your implants are high quality, and your surgeon is skilled, and your knockers will knock ’em dead!

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