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3 Tips for Beautiful Breast Augmentation Using Saline

Beautiful Breast Augmentation

Beautiful Breast Augmentation Although both women choose silicone gel breast implants more often than saline, that doesn’t mean that saline implants can’t deliver impressive results as well. Here are three tips that can help ensure beautiful breast augmentation results using saline implants.

  1. Choose the Right Candidates

    Saline implants are simply better suited to some women than others. In general, women who already have a fair amount of natural breast tissue enjoy superior results from saline implants compared to smaller-breasted women. Ensuring sufficient glandular tissue coverage helps minimize implant visibility and palpability.

  2. Optimal Placement Is Essential

    One of the primary concerns of saline implants is the potential for visible rippling or wrinkling, both of which are dramatically reduced by placing implants submuscularly rather than subglandularly. This also helps limit the potential for implant palpability, particularly in thinner patients. Additionally, proper vertical and horizontal placement of the implant relative to the chest wall contributes to a natural-looking end result while preventing excessive upper pole fullness.

  3. Determine Accurate Implant Size

    When saline implants measure as wide as the natural breast or wider, the chances of visible implant edges increases. Take the time for proper measurements so that an accurate determination can be made regarding the implant size that will best suit the patient’s existing breasts and natural frame. Incorporating the use of sizers can also be helpful in aiding patients to determine an implant size they feel comfortable with, but one that is also proportionate.

    Through following these tips, both patient and surgeon can feel more confident about choosing saline implants during breast augmentation for beautiful, natural results.

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