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3 Tips for a Better Breast Augmentation Recovery

Better Breast Augmentation

Better Breast Augmentation The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a very personal and intimate one, so once the procedure is complete I want my patients to recover as soon as possible and start their new life. Here are some tips for a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Cool Off the Area

Any surgical procedure is likely to produce some swelling. Ice is one of the best treatments for swelling, and is also one of the simplest. You can use a homemade ice pack, a commercial cold compress, gauze pads soaked in icy water, or even a bag of frozen peas. Try following an hourly cycle of 20 minutes on followed by 40 minutes off. Be sure to put a paper towel or a thin cloth between your skin and the cold pack for greater comfort.

Wear a Compression Bra

Compression bras can accelerate the healing process by providing support and comfort, improving blood circulation, and helping your skin fit to its new contours. However, if you wear a compression bra, it should be made specifically for plastic surgery recovery. A regular sports bra could interfere with healing and recovery, and may worsen pain and swelling.

Living Well

Simple lifestyle choices can help your recovery too. For example, it’s best to avoid hot showers immediately following your procedure. The heat will exacerbate swelling and the water stream can damage the delicate incision area. Eating choices can also help aid recovery. Focusing on fresh fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water will give your body the support it needs during the healing process. And, of course, be sure you’re getting plenty of rest to heal quickly, so you can get out and enjoy your new look as soon as possible.

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