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3 Times to Go Big or Go Home with Breast Implants

Breast Implant

Why be shy with breast implant size?Breast Implants Who’s to say what even constitutes large breast implants? Plus, sometimes breast implants need to be on the big side to be meaningful. What’s the point of getting augmentation if implants don’t make the slightest difference in your proportions? Here are three reasons why sometimes bigger is flat-out better.

  1. You Have a Large Frame

    If you were blessed with long legs, a large ribcage and broad shoulders, but thimble-sized breasts, you may need slightly larger-than-typical breast implants just for the sake of symmetry. While a D cup would be watermelon-like on a small-boned 5’1″ woman, it’s perfectly modest on a modern-day Amazonian.

  2. You Used to Have Large Breasts

    If you’ve lost a lot of weight, or just had a baby, and found your once-voluptuous bazooms considerably deflated, larger breast implants could be appropriate.

  3. You Have a Natural Pear Shape

    If you are broad-hipped with a narrow waist, slightly larger breast implants may give you the most desirable hourglass proportions

*Bonus Reason* You Just Want Big Breasts

It’s not uncommon for women who’ve just had breast augmentation surgery to wish that they’d gone bigger. Remember, though, you have to be reasonable when it comes to breast augmentation. There are going to be size limitations based on your natural anatomy, as well as the final look you’d like to see.

At the same time, don’t feel bad about wanting to go a little bigger with your breast augmentation. It’s your bra size, after all. Fill it to the fullest!

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