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3 Super Strange Yet Legit Ways You’re Aging Your Skin

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woman covering mouthRemember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to grow up? Then you did grow up and quickly discovered that it really meant paying the bills, going to work and looking up cosmetic treatments for those wrinkles and other signs of aging that snuck in when you weren’t paying attention. Maybe you’re thinking about a preemptive strike on wrinkles? Before you start getting rid of wrinkles, better start by figuring out all the ways you could actually be speeding the signs of aging up.

  1. Using the Wrong Pillow

    Using a cotton pillowcase can cause wrinkles on your face to become more pronounced than they need be and no favorite set of bed linen is worth that. Treat yourself like the princess you are and invest in some silk pillowcases. Your wrinkles and your bank balance will thank you for avoiding cosmetic treatment just yet.

  2. Pulling Silly Faces

    Cosmetic treatments for wrinkles can be fantastic, but it’s even better to do what you can to stop those pesky lines appearing in the first place.

    Are you guilty of making over-exaggerated facial expressions? Perhaps a look of complete shock when the tiniest bit of news appears on your Facebook feed, or a deep scowl when your favorite eyeliner sells out? Well, stop it now. You’re probably making yourself look older. Treat yourself to a cosmetic facial treatment, relax and stop being so dramatic.

  3. Terrible Lighting

    If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie in a brightly-lit store, you’ll know how horrific your skin can look under fluorescent lighting. Did you know fluorescent lights could be doing real damage as well as hindering your photography skills? Fluorescent lighting can, over time, cause UV damage to your skin, so keep slapping on that SPF, no matter how bad the weather may be.

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3 Super Strange Yet Legit Ways You're Aging Your Skin
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3 Super Strange Yet Legit Ways You're Aging Your Skin
Curious about the best cosmetic treatment for wrinkles? Beauty expert RaveBabe shares some strange yet true ways you may be accidentally aging your skin.
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