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3 Strange Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgeries

Strange Cosmetic SurgeriesHuman ingenuity certainly is amazing to behold. When you stop to consider all that we’ve been able to accomplish in just the last fifty years or so, from cloning animals to traveling to the far reaches of the universe, it can lead you to think nearly anything is possible. And judging by some of the stranger cosmetic surgeries out there, perhaps it’s true that there are no limits to what mankind can accomplish when there’s a pressing cosmetic need.

  1. Cinderella Surgery

    Some women are so dead set on wearing heels that they pay thousands of dollars to have a buinionplasty. This rather unique cosmetic surgery removes the bony growths, known as bunions, from the feet of women who can’t imagine a life without their high heels. “Stilettos or bust!” they shout as they prepare for this strange plastic surgery procedure that literally realigns the bones in the foot.

  2. Ball Ironing

    There’s really no delicate way to talk about this, so let’s just dive right in. Over time, the scrotum is vulnerable to the effects of aging. Scrotal skin can loosen, skin tags or discoloration may form, and unsightly hair can grow. Ball ironing is a non-surgical buffet of procedures, including laser treatments, that are designed to spruce up a man’s family jewels, helping them to look more rejuvenated.

  3. Vacation Boobs

    For women who want to boost their bust for a vacation or special event, temporary breast enhancement is actually possible if you have several thousand dollars to spare. A cosmetic surgeon can inject a saline solution directly into the breasts to create a 24 hour increase in size.

        If you’d prefer to have beautiful, long-lasting results, breast augmentation surgery is a much better investment of your time and money.

    And there’s nothing strange about that.

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