Boob Job Do-Over

3 Signs You Could Be a Candidate for Breast Implant Revision

woman covering breasts

woman covering breastsFor women who are unhappy with the results of an earlier breast augmentation, breast surgery revision can achieve the look they really want. Here are three signs that you could be a candidate for breast revision surgery.

  1. You Want a Size Change

    If you feel your breasts look too large or too small after an initial breast augmentation procedure, you may want to consider breast implant revision surgery. By talking openly and honestly with you about your expectations, as well as incorporating 3D computer imaging to demonstrate what other implant sizes could look like, I can help you choose an implant size that’s more in line with how you want to look.

  2. You’re Experiencing a Complication

    Complications can occur after breast augmentation surgery, and may require a second surgery to address the concern. Capsular contracture may require revision or removal of the capsule of tissue surrounding an implant, and implant malposition such as implants that are too close together or sitting too low on the chest (“bottoming out”) usually requires surgical correction.

  3. You’re Ready for a Change

    As women age, they may find that the high, full look of the implants they got in their 20s may no longer feel age-appropriate. Together, we can discuss your preferences and choose an implant size and profile that works for your current image. After all, the purpose of any breast enhancement surgery is to bring out the best in your body, and that means helping you feel self-confident at every stage of life.

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