3 Responses for People Who Want to Touch Your New Boobs

woman making crazy face

woman making crazy faceWhen you get breast implants, you may find yourself in a situation where someone wants to give your new girls a squeeze. Obviously, you do not have to answer when someone asks you if they can touch your ta-tas.Of course, there are a variety of responses to use if you choose to engage the implant-curious.

  1. The Reversal: Answer the Question with a Question

    They’re fake and they’re spectacular;you don’t owe anyone an explanation of your boobs.

    Answering a question with a question is an age-old passive aggressive deflection tactic used most often by angsty teenagers and guilty defendants. You can try out this technique for yourself next time someone gets nosy about your boobs. Fashion your question-answer any way you like to help convey your feelings on the matter. From “would you ask your mother that question?” to “are you (bleep)ing kidding me right now?” It’s about what works for you.

  2. Just No

    You honestly do not need to provide an excuse for why you won’t let a person touch your new boobs, no matter who they are. If you’re not comfortable with it, say “no” and move on. Assuming the asker is well-intentioned, you can politely explain that you’re not the touchy-feely type. If the would-be booby toucher is pushing the line between curious and creepy, “hell no” is not an inappropriate response.

  3. Sure, Knock Yourself Out

    So, response #3 should only be used if you actually want the person to touch your breasts. This is most often the case when it’s a friend who’s curious about whether they really feel like actual boobs or not. Not that we’d judge if you let people who aren’t your friends feel your breast implants. Some women are super comfortable indulging such requests. All others, refer to responses 1 and 2.

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3 Responses for People Who Want to Touch Your New Boobs
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3 Responses for People Who Want to Touch Your New Boobs
How exactly do you respond when someone asks if your breast implants feel fake? Here are 3 ways to deal when people want to touch your brand new boobs.
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