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3 Reasons Your Breasts Would Like to Thank Your Plastic Surgeon

Thank Your Plastic Surgeon

Could the girls use a little pick-me-up? Or maybe they’d like a little size upgrade. Whatever boob upgrade you’ve got in mind, there’s a type of breast enhancement surgery for that. Check out your three main options—heck, you can even mix and match!

  1. Boost

    If it’s a size boost you’re after, a good ol’ fashioned boob job may be in order. There are tons of different breast augmentation options you’ll have to choose from, so be prepared to discuss implant type, size, placement and even the incision technique with your plastic surgeon.

    Tip: bigger is not always better. Go for a size that flatters your figure.

  2. Lift

    Not sure if you need a breast lift? Do the pencil test! Put a pencil in the natural crease under your boobs. If it falls out, you’re probably good. If it stays put, you might be the perfect candidate for a breast lift.

    Lots of women combine a lift with a boob job to get that perkier, more youthful look plus a healthy boost of volume.

  3. Reduce

    If getting bigger boobs is the absolute last thing on your mind, maybe a breast reduction is more your speed. Seriously, many very well-endowed women end up with back, neck or shoulder pain from the sheer weight of carrying around a couple of melons.

    Breast reduction can help you feel more comfortable and fit into all those cute clothes that used to seem impossible to squeeze into. Hello, sideboob and plunging necklines!

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3 Reasons Your Breasts Would Like to Thank Your Plastic Surgeon
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3 Reasons Your Breasts Would Like to Thank Your Plastic Surgeon
What types of breast enhancement surgery are out there, anyway? RaveBabe gives you the low-down on 3breast enhancement options your boobs will love.
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