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3 Reasons to Choose Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

woman covering breasts

woman covering breastsAlthough breast enlargement remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, not every woman wants to increase her breast size with implants. There are three main reasons why women may choose fat transfer breast augmentation as an option instead.

  1. You Want Only a Small Increase in Size

    Fat transfer augmentation is an ideal solution for women who want a subtler enhancement than implants allow. Fat cells are carefully layered to add just the right amount of volume for smooth, even contours that look and feel just like a natural breast. Since fat transfer augmentation isn’t suitable for achieving the more dramatic look that’s possible with implants, it’s often preferred by women who just want a little boost.

  2. No Desire for the “Implant” Look

    Although some women may still want the unmistakably voluptuous figure that can be achieved with implants, more women these days are trending toward more nuanced results. For any patients wary of an overly obvious breast augmentation result, fat transfer may be the right answer. There will never be any concerns that you could end up with the “Baywatch” look, and any worries over implant visibility or palpability are similarly negated.

  3. No Need for Additional Surgery

    While today’s breast implants have a proven safety record, no medical device is designed to last a lifetime. Most breast implants will require replacement or revision at some point in the future. Fat transfer breast augmentation offers permanent enhancement, as long as your plastic surgeon takes the right steps for a successful fat transfer breast augmentation and is highly experienced with the process.

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