Tummy Tucks

3 Reasons a Tummy Tuck Is Perfect Post-Partum

Tummy Tuck

Mother Breast Feeding Newborn Baby Your darling baby is doing all kinds of impossibly precious things like cooing and giggling and smearing peas into her hair. Precious! Meanwhile, you’re stuck glaring at your once-firm tummy—which now closely resembles a lumpy hobo handbag. While you wouldn’t trade your children for anything, wouldn’t you love to wear a bikini again?

The good news is that it’s absolutely possible to love your body again after pregnancy with the help of a little plastic surgery. There are three reasons why a tummy tuck is the perfect post-partum pick-me-up.

  1. You’ll Lose that Excess Skin

    Your weight is back to pre-baby range, but your tummy skin looks all floppy and stretched out, especially below the belly button. As exasperating as this is, feeling like your midsection has taken on all the personality of a garbage bag is also perfectly normal. During a tummy tuck, this nonsense is all trimmed away so you can once again enjoy a waistline.

  2. Tummy Tucks Repair Separated Abdominal Muscles

    The abdominal muscles have a convenient split down the middle that lets your belly easily expand to accommodate your growing little one for nine months. In theory, these are supposed to then rejoin after pregnancy. (Of course, your skin is supposed to snap back to normal too, and we already know how that went.) Any permanent separation of the abdominal muscles is repaired during a tummy tuck.

  3. Not All Body Issues Respond to Diet and Exercise

    Neither the issues above can be resolved whatsoever by cutting out your carbs or becoming a CrossFit junkie. The only way to tighten loose skin and repair separated abdominals is by surgery, aka a tummy tuck. If you’ve lost the baby weight but still have a permanent paunch, you might be a great candidate.

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