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3 Really Weird Med Spa Facials

Smiling woman

Smiling womanIf you want to look your best, there’s no shortage of beauty treatments at your disposal. If a fresh face is one of your top priorities, there’s really nothing that should prevent you from attaining a radiant glow. Variety is the spice of life, and we’ve got a few unique facials for you to consider. Your next facial could actually be free and waiting for you right outside your door, courtesy of our fine feathered friends.

  1. Why Not Slather a Little Bird Doo on Your Face?

    We all want to look younger without cosmetic surgery, but not until a ritzy Manhattan spa began offering bird poop facials did the beauty world realize the untapped potential all around us. Sure, they specialized in nightingale guano, claiming its special enzymes were a magical elixir that could improve skin texture for a renewed appearance. But why limit yourself to nightingale poop? Harness that DIY spirit and harvest whatever bird feces are handy in your neighborhood. A pigeon’s waste might be your face’s saving grace.

  2. Fondue Your Face for a Healthy Glow

    We’ve long known that chocolate is the nectar of the gods. Every year, there are more reasons to celebrate this inimitable delicacy. But would you be willing to smear melted chocolate all over your face in the name of beauty? Apparently chocolate is supposed to infuse skin with vitamins and antioxidants, but I don’t see why you couldn’t just get your chocolate fix the old-fashioned way: by eating lots of it.

  3. Get Fancy with a Gold Facial

    As queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra enjoyed gold facials to maintain her striking beauty. If you want to feel like royalty and have some gold to melt, you could give this rich med spa facial treatment a run for its money.

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