3 Oddball Fat Loss Tips to Skip and 1 to Try

woman trying diet

woman trying dietYou know those spots where pesky fat moves in, sets up shop and won’t leave no matter how hard you try? We’ve all got them somewhere—love handles, bra rolls, banana rolls, belly pooches. But if you’re desperate to banish fat for good, you might want to skip these bizarre fat loss “tips” and move on to the one solution that’s been proven to actually work.

Skip: Sniffing Fruit

Apparently, getting a big whiff of certain mildly sweet foods like bananas, green apples and vanilla can curb your appetite and therefore help you say adios to excess fat.

I don’t know about you, but when I smell food, I want to actually eat it. All of it. Plus, who wants to eat a banana after someone’s had their nose all over it?

Skip: Wearing Blue Sunglasses

There is some research that suggests the color blue is an appetite suppressant, so it would stand to reason that wearing blue sunglasses make you want to eat less. But the downside is that the food you do eat is going to look gross, and you’ll be the weirdo at the table wearing blue-tinted shades.

Skip: Burning up Your Taste Buds

Please don’t try the cayenne challenge to lose weight. CoolSculpting is a much better option.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. By adding cayenne pepper to everything you eat, chances are good you’re not going to want to eat very much.

Try: CoolSculpting®

Avoiding these strange fat loss tips is just one of the many reasons to get on board with CoolSculpting®. It’s the only FDA-approved fat-freezing device that can literally freeze stubborn fat away safely and effectively. And since it’s nonsurgical, there’s no lengthy downtime or recovery period.

Just remember that CoolSculpting doesn’t prevent weight gain, so keep stocking up on health foods.


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3 Oddball Fat Loss Tips to Skip and 1 to Try
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3 Oddball Fat Loss Tips to Skip and 1 to Try
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