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3 Lazy Hacks for a Flatter Tummy & One that Definitely Works

Lazy Hacks

Lazy HacksThe internet is full of self-proclaimed “miracle” cures for getting rid of pesky belly fat, but most of them are just lazy hacks that aren’t going to give you the dramatic stomach-flattening results you want.  So do yourself a favor and skip these so-called fat-busting hacks and go right for the solution that will actually work. 

Hack #1: Give Up Your Gum Fix

Did you know that the average stick of chewing gum contains about 5 calories? Just think of all the calories you could save in a day by giving up gum… or not.

Actually, chewing gum instead of bored-eating your way through a sleeve of Pringles can be a great weight loss tip.

Hack #2: Swap Coffee for Lemon Water

In case you’ve already started mourning the loss of your coveted cup of joe, hold up. While drinking plenty of water is obviously good for your health, chugging gallons of lemon water in place of your morning coffee isn’t exactly a tried-and-true fat loss method. It’ll probably just make you pee. A lot.

Hack #3: Schedule a Gluten-Free Day

Going gluten-free is all the rage, but is it really going to flatten your tummy? Probably not.

Unless you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, cutting out this staple from your diet isn’t likely to have a dramatic effect on the shape of your body.

Try Instead: Tummy Tuck with Liposuction

Try as you might, some areas of stubborn belly fat just aren’t going to go away without intervention. While you might see some small success stitching together a bunch of little hacks, you’re not going to get the dramatic results that you would from a tummy tuck and lipo combination.


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