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3 Key Elements for a Successful Facelift

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This case shows a good example of the subtle rejuvenation a natural-looking facelift should create.
This case shows a good example of the subtle rejuvenation a natural-looking facelift should create.

A facelift is one cosmetic surgery procedure that’s particularly challenging to perform well. When patients come to me for a facelift, I look at three elements to create beautiful results that help them feel younger and refreshed without looking overdone.

  1. Patient Candidacy

    The best candidates for a facelift are in good health overall and have healthy skin with good elasticity, which will yield better results and heal more easily after surgery. Good bone structure is also important because this foundation will provide the underlying support structure to the skin and soft tissues.

  2. Surgical Skill

    Choosing the right surgeon is critical for enjoying flattering, natural-looking facelift results as well ensuring patients safety as a top priority. After all, you’re having surgery on one of the most visible and delicate parts of your body, so experience definitely matters.

    Look for a surgeon who has the combination of excellent credentials, board certifications and surgical skill in order to get results you’ll love. You should also take time to research the reputation of your surgeon and look at pictures of past patients to help gauge the quality of results you’re likely to expect.

  3. Recognizing Your Unique Needs

    I take a very customized approach toward each facelift I perform, and I work closely with each patient to determine his or her key concerns and then tailor their procedure to address those issues. My ultimate goal is for the patient to look more youthful and rejuvenated, but still very much like themselves. I always take a conservative approach during surgery to prevent the too-tight, “wind tunnel” appearance that is the typical trademark of a poorly-done facelift.

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