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3 DIY Skin Care Secrets That You Should Not DIY

woman with DIY facial

woman with DIY facialTake a quick look around the internet and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of skin care “secrets” to try on your own at home. But beware, because many of these skin care DIYs are actually just myths that could end up making matters worse. These are some of the most popular culprits, and what you should try instead.

  1. Lemon Juice

    Can we please stop putting lemon juice on our skin? K, thanks. It is true that the vitamin C in lemon juice and other citrus fruits can help to brighten dark spots, but that’s only if it is isolated and properly formulated.

    Rubbing raw lemon or lime juice on your skin can actually result in severe chemical burns, especially if you head out into the sunshine right afterwards. The bottom line is that lemon juice is just too acidic to be safe or effective at doing anything good for your skin.

  2. Baking Soda

    Baking soda lives on the opposite side of the pH scale. Its alkalinity, combined with the fact that it is super abrasive, spells nothing but bad news for your complexion.

  3. Crisco®

    Do your skin a favor and save the Crisco for the kitchen.

    The idea behind slathering Crisco on your skin might initially seem to make sense. It’s…lubricating, right? Technically, yes. But it can also seriously clog your pores and create a breeding ground for acne. And nobody wants that.

How to Improve Skin Texture the Right Way

Instead of buttering up your skin, literally, or damaging it with ingredients that are the wrong pH for your skin, try a facial rejuvenation treatment like microneedling, peels or even professional skin care products to improve your skin texture.


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3 DIY Skin Care Secrets That You Should Not DIY
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3 DIY Skin Care Secrets That You Should Not DIY
Want to know how to improve your skin texture? Plastic surgery personality Ravebabe explains why the answer is NOT these three common DIY beauty secrets.
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