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3 Cray Celebrity Beauty Hacks You Do NOT Want to Try

Celebrity Beauty Hacks

Woman with tattoos and makeupCelebrities are crazy. We know this. But they always look so good! So, we take to Google and try to find the hacks that make them so gorgeous. Some of them are good; some of them are not so good. There are three over-the-top, weird hacks that you should pass on.

  1. Razoring Your Face

    Razoring your face is kind of like shaving it, but less extreme. Celebs have been known to take a tiny razor and remove all of their peach fuzz before an event. It seems harmless – men shave their faces, right? – but it can lead to cuts, the spread of bacteria and nasty regrowth. Stick to getting it waxed or plucked.            

  2. Waiting Till the Last Minute

    If you have an event that you want to look great for, do not wait till the last minute to squeeze in a facial treatment like Botox® or microdermabrasion. It’ll end up like that time you decided to get your eyebrows waxed for the first time before the homecoming dance: a red, blotchy mess. Yeah, your face might be plumped and smooth, but you’re going to be red and you’re going to regret it. Plan these things in advance.     

  3. Two Words: Butt Cutlets

    Butt cutlets are little (or not so little) silicon inserts that you cram into your Spanx to make it look like you’ve got the backside of a Kardashian. You might look great in the mirror for a second, but can you imagine sitting on those things all night? No, thank you.

    Butt cutlets cousin, the bra cutlet, is a much more reasonable way to give yourself a little boost for a big event.

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3 Cray Celebrity Beauty Hacks You Do NOT Want to Try
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3 Cray Celebrity Beauty Hacks You Do NOT Want to Try
We all know celebrities are crazy, so why should we follow their beauty advice? Here are three celeb skincare and beauty hacks to pass on.
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