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3 Cosmetic Treatments Reserved for Those on Santa’s Nice List

santa's nice list

santa nice list The holiday season is time for family, festivities and possibly some (or a lot of) over eating. It’s also that magical time when all the boys and girls who are on Santa’s nice list to get some well-deserved goodies. We firmly believe that you’re never too old to get presents for being good all year, whatever your definition of “good” happens to be.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

    Even if you didn’t quite make the nice list this year, think about treating yourself to one of these holiday cosmetic treatments.

    Your stockings should be hung with care, not snagging on your gnarly leg hairs. If unwanted hair growth gets you feeling all grinch-y, consider laser hair removal. The laser can be adjusted for the texture and color of your hair and skin, so the treatment is customized just for you. After a few treatments, you’ll be free from the drudgery of endless waxing and shaving and plucking (oh my!).

  2. Exilis Ultra™ Body Contouring

    One of the many unfortunate things about getting older (not to be a downer, there’s lots of good stuff too) is that your skin changes – and usually not in a good way. Rough, sagging, sun-damaged skin can ruin your holiday faster than a burnt turkey. Exilis Ultra, like a Christmas angel, comes to your rescue with non-invasive skin improvement you can have on your lunch hour.

  3. CoolSculpting®

    While the holidays might make you think of warm and cozy things, consider freezing away your excess fat with CoolSculpting. This non-surgical procedure is the perfect present to get yourself during the busy holidays, since it’s painless and fast. However, you won’t see the full results for a few months. So, just Santa for CoolSculpting now – and the real gift will come when you bust out that bikini bod next summer.

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3 Cosmetic Treatments Reserved for Those on Santa's Nice List
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3 Cosmetic Treatments Reserved for Those on Santa's Nice List
Wondering which holiday cosmetic treatments to put on your wish list this year? Here are three non-surgical procedures to help you be of good cheer.
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